The Caribbean offers a culmination of picture-perfect landscapes, historical landmarks, and exciting activities that speak to travelers of any age. Don’t know which island to choose for your next getaway? Let us help you narrow it down. You’ll love learning more about these stunning Caribbean gems!

Curaçao – A Unique Caribbean Delight

After a long day of excursions and activities in Curaçao, you’re bound to have worked up an appetite. And let’s be honest, when you’re on vacation, you’re more willing to try things you’ve never tried before. So, when you see iguana soup or stewed iguana on the menu, why not give it a try? We hear it tastes like chicken. Make sure you ask for the ever-popular “awa di lamunchi” (a glass of water with lime and sugar) to wash it down. Ah, refreshing and delicious.

Puerto Rico – No Passports Required!

Picture it: You’re having a rough week. The dog chewed up your favorite pair of shoes. Your boss has been pelting you with extra work. Your neighbors have been hosting night-long celebrations that can probably be heard from a mile away, leaving you with little to no sleep. In short, you need a vacation and you need one pronto. But wait – you have no passport, you say? That’s why Puerto Rico is so perfect! You don’t need a passport to get there! Plus, the weather is 70-80 degrees at all times. Not to mention the abundance of beautiful beaches, amazing waterfalls, and other natural wonders.

Nassau – Better in the Bahamas

You’ve heard the saying “Better in the Bahamas”, right? Well, it really is better when there’s sun and sand involved. And food. Let’s not forget food. Grab yourself a deep-fried conch fritter, dig your toes in the sand, and enjoy the beauty of Nassau. You don’t even have to do it in that exact order but trust us, you’ll be happy either way. The island is also home to the Graycliff Hotel’s wine cellar, which is one of the largest in the world. If you’re looking for a perfectly aged bottle of wine, this is the place to go.

St. Martin – Welcome to the Friendly Island

There’s tons to see and do in St. Martin, including some crazy good places to shop and eat (it’s the culinary capital of the Caribbean, after all). But there’s one place that you must see when you’re there: Maho Beach. This amazingly popular beach sits right near Princess Juliana Airport, so planes fly overhead at 100 feet or lower. You’ll want to bring a camera with you because there will be some epic photo ops that you won’t want to miss. In fact, take some video while you’re there, since it’s almost unbelievable how close these planes get to the ground before they land. Your friends and family will be amazed once you get back home and show them the footage!

St. Lucia – Simply Beautiful

Aside from being the only country in the world named after a woman (you go, girls!), St. Lucia is home to some pretty cool activities. If you’re big on festivals, the 2017 summer lineup proves to be seriously entertaining. Choose from jazz, food, art, and more. If you’re more of a nature enthusiast, you’re going to love the Pitons, which are two twin peaks that are known as St. Lucia’s most popular landmark. And if you just want to relax and unwind, Roseau Valley offers a variety of different rums to choose from. Pick your favorite, grab a glass, and sip away.

St. Thomas/St. Croix USIVI – No Passport? No Problem!

So, you got back from your last-minute trip to Puerto Rico not long ago and you’re already in need of another getaway. But wherever shall you go? Well, you also don’t need a passport to get to the US Virgin Islands! We bet you can hear ocean waves already, can’t you? And interestingly enough, you can hear both Caribbean and Atlantic waves when you’re there, since the islands have coasts on both sides!