‘Tis the season for giving! But, let’s be honest- sometimes the best gifts are the ones we actually need.  I’ve realized that the gifts I enjoy giving and receiving are the ones that will get the most use. So, when it comes to shopping for the avid travelers in your life focus on essentials they can appreciate. Keep in mind: anything compact in size, items that ensure in-flight comfort and or save them time or money is on top of the list.

Silky sleep masks, oversized shawls and compression socks have HER written all over it.  She also takes advantage of the “down time” to catch up on the latest news or social updates (thanks, wifi) with her touch screen gloves.

You know HE can’t sleep on a plane so good thing you grabbed that puzzle book to occupy his mind or journey journal to capture his thoughts. But, like a good man he’s all about security – luggage locks and a Flight OO1 Aero Pack complete with dental kit, earplugs and pill box has got him covered.

And, of course there are a few items standard for any/all traveler types: A Swell water bottle – hydration is key to recover from jet lag and great to reuse while out and about, a passport-turned-wallet-pouch w/pen, a his/her toiletry bag means you really respect their need to travel light and hit the ground running (see Trade Carry On suitcase – because nobody wants to check a bag if they don’t have to) or maybe even matching bag tags – arn’t they cute!?

Either way, they will definitely thank you for your thoughtful gifts and might actually bring you back a souvenir on their next adventure …*thinking of you*. Happy Holidays.