Let’s gear up on the goods necessary to get out of dodge & slow it down. And, first thing on our travel agenda is prioritizing what to pack in our bag(s). Whether it be a domestic or an international voyage ahead it’s wise to fit in items that serve more than one purpose. Why? Because chic ain’t cheap and you’ve got to keep your money (and space) where it matters: quality, compact essentials and indulging whilst actually on vacation.

Our list is an assembly of must-haves for the girliest of globetrotters looking to go the distance with only a few things in toe.

The best way to accomplish this is to bring certain items that can convert their purpose. For example:

1. Fitness Tracker that doubles as an accessory

(look good + feel good)

2. Camera-Phone

Switch out lenses to capture snaps and shots from all angles and distances.

3. Water Bottle

This will save you time and money. Fill ‘er up at the hotel lobby!

4. Weekender Bag

This doesn’t have to be black or basic and can get beaten up, too. Chose one that is cute enough to carry-on, out and about but select a leather one that looks better with a little wear and tear.

5. Case for Clutch

Leave your toiletries where they belong (the hotel bathroom) and use your case as a clutch. A metallic or slim-shape plays both storage roles from day-to-night.

6. Headphones. Wireless.

Get a good nap in on the plane and keep the Chatty Kathy from telling you her life story.

7. Rag Bag

It’s smart to bring a “rag bag” on the road. This is usually plastic bag or some type of slip to separate the used clothes from the lot. Try bringing one that you can also use as an alternative day bag.

8. Chargers

Just. Never. Forget. Your. Charger. It’s not cute (or smart) to be abroad or out of touch.

9. Face time

Your beauty routine is your fountain of youth. DO NOT break routine when on the road. Bring a small stash of your favorite brand and keep up with it.

10. Music

Not a necessary gadget to pack but a playlist is most certainly desirable for the plane. Or, throw on some tunes to get you in the zone before you go.