We’ve got gadgets and gizmo’s a plenty. For the travelers who are always plugged in on
your list, here is a selection of must-haves any jet-setting techie will want. From the
newest in waterproof wear, photo capturing gear that is guarnteed to catch every
moment at any distance, paired with organizer tools for cords and charging stations they
are ready-set to go, go.

Go Go Gadgets

1. Waterspot Splash Iphone Case 2. Waterproof Wifi Speaker 3. Smartphone Sanitizer
Charging Station 4. Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer 5. Wireless In-Ear Headphones 6.
Mophie Juice Pack and Wallet 7. Underwater GoPro Case 8. Macbook Air Laptop Sleeve
9. GoPro Hero Session Camera 10. Leather Charger Cord Rollup