Revel in a beach vacation like no other! In Mazatlan, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a diverse mix of cultures, luxury and budget-friendly resorts, and restaurants that will make your mouth water! Kick back and relax as you enjoy 17 miles of pristine  beaches, go deep sea fishing in sapphire waters, or walk along the city’s historical district. This is one amazing destination!

El Faro Lighthouse

Climb to the top of Mazatlan’s El Faro lighthouse and admire the surrounding area from hundreds of feet in the air. There’s no cost to do so, and you’ll get a pretty good workout in due to the long hiking path and 300 steps it takes to get to the top!

Fun Fact: Because this is one of the tallest lighthouses in the world, it can be spotted from up to 30 nautical miles away!


Sure, it’s great to enjoy the entertainment within your resort, but Mazatlan is also an ideal destination for those who like to explore the world around them! Immerse yourself in gorgeous beaches and sapphire waters, browse the shops and restaurants at the Malecón, or stroll the historical district that spans twenty-six blocks. There’s always something to see and do here!

Chow Down

There’s nothing like sampling authentic cuisine, and Mazatlan is home to many delicious dishes that will make your taste buds sing! If you love seafood, this is the place to go. And if you don’t know if you like seafood, this is the best place to try it! Because Mazatlan is famous for their shrimp, you’ll want to sample aguachile – a delectable dish of shrimp marinated in chili peppers and lime.


Have you ever heard of Mazatlan’s Carnival? This popular annual event attracts quite a crowd – so large, in fact, that you should probably book your accommodations well in advance if you plan on joining in the festivities. Now in its 120th year, Carnival takes place at Mazatlan’s Malecón from February 8-13, 2018, and features live music, parades, pageants, and so much more.

New Flights

With new flights being created every day, it’s never been easier to travel to this tropical oasis. Beginning December 2017, United Airlines will fly from Houston and Chicago to Mazatlan, with Chicago being a seasonal gateway (every Saturday from December to April). Houston also becomes seasonal after April 8th (Saturdays only). If you’re flying out of Minneapolis or Denver (Wednesdays only), Sun Country will be your provider of choice. Now that you have a ride, you can start planning that dream vacation!

Retire Inspired

Congratulations on your retirement! If you’re looking for a great place to settle down, Mazatlan is a popular choice. Because so many retirees choose this destination as their new home, you’ll find a perfect blend of cultures– making it easy to navigate the area and interact with residents. The historical city is also flourishing, providing an assortment of exciting new updates throughout the area!