We’re halfway through a long week, and you know what that means! Let’s celebrate by exploring this fun excursion in Los Cabos called “Camel Quest,” a camel-riding safari that winds its way through El Tule canyon in the desert of Los Cabos.

Amstar dmc will pick you up from your hotel for a morning or mid-day safari. Upon arrival at the safari’s cool bedouin tent, you’ll get to meet their 8 camels – four young camels are kid-size, so the whole family can participate!

Camel Quest tentCamel Quest’s guides will tell you all about their camel personalities, and you’ll even have a chance to feed them. Camel smooches are optional!

Camel Quest feedingThe camels are equipped with seats, so even inexperienced camel-wranglers can ride.

Camel QuestFor more information, check out Amstar dmc or see the Amstar representative in the lobby of your hotel.