Full of beautiful sandy beaches, nine bays, and a stunning variety of flora and fauna, Huatulco is an ideal location for watersports enthusiasts and eco-tourists alike. Learn more about why we love this easygoing destination, awarded the 2017 Crystal Apple Award for “Best Destination”, and start planning your vacation today!

Trying to find the right time to visit Huatulco without having to deal with the scorching heat and tons of rain? Well, you’re in luck, because almost every day in Huatulco is absolutely enchanting. With an average temperature of 82°F and hardly any rainfall, this is an ideal destination to sprawl out on the beach and catch some rays. Don’t forget your fruity drink, too!

Nine Bays. No Limits.

Stretching 20 miles along the Pacific coast, Huatulco’s nine bays offer so many opportunities for relaxation, exploration, and excitement. Whether you’re watching the evening sunset from your boat, enjoying one of thirty-six beaches, or snorkeling along coral reefs, there is always something new and impressive to discover.

Environmental Protectors

There’s nothing better than a love of your local environment and its inhabitants. And because of its high environmental standards, Huatulco has been awarded EarthCheck Certification! On top of that, the area is host to the Mexican Turtle Center in Mazunte, which helps to educate the public and aid in the conservation of several local species. You can even assist with releasing baby turtles into the ocean after they hatch!

Delicious Cuisine

From fresh seafood to local delicacies, the food in Huatulco is absolutely delectable. Try Oaxacan chocolate, fried grasshoppers, red or black mole sauce, or fresh juice made from the area’s most exotic fruits. You can even get some pretty amazing wood-fired pizza! Go ahead and dig in – you’re on vacation, after all!

Rich Culture and History

Huatulco is bursting with rich history and culture. Make your way to the Museum of Oaxacan Art and admire each handmade piece, take in the stunning beauty of Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church, or simply talk to locals and learn more about their daily life!

A Relaxing Day

Because Huatulco is such a laid-back destination, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of relaxing activities. Try an exercise class, go for a bike ride, pamper yourself with an indulgent spa treatment, walk along the beach, or visit any of the local markets or stores in the area to sample local delicacies and artisan goods.